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About Us

Sanjary Aademy is a society registered under the Government of Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act, 2001, Govt. with Registration No. 347/08. Sanjary Aademy was established in 2002.

Sanjary Aademy for Piping Design Course is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institute for Design & Development of Courses in Piping Engineering course, Piping Design Course, Welding Inspection course, Piping Inspection & related Training, Examination and Certification.

ystem (IMS), Six Sigma, NDT, Welding Inspection, Piping Inspection & related Training, Examination and Certification.

National & International Award’s Winners

  • Mr. Mohammed Saleem – SEA President Awarded The India’s most PrestigiousBHARAT JYOTI AWARD ” – January 7, 2006 , India
Sanjary Educational Academy (SEA)is only one in world to produce / certified

  • Piping design course
  • Qa/qc course
  • Document controller course
  • Pressure Vessel Design Course
  • Piping engineering course
  • Welding inspector course
  • Safety officer course

Sanjary Aademy certification and(or) qualification on Piping Design and Egnineering is accepted and recognized by major National & International companies in India and abroad. The alumni engineers of Sanjary Academy are already working in companies situated in India as well as in Bahrain, Cameroon, Congo Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Oman, Portugal, Sudan, Turkey, Qatar, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, UAE & other countries.

More than three thousand Engineers & Individuals have been has trained & certified in Piping Design by Sanjary Academy in last five years. They are trained and certified in different engineering disciplines and various sectors including Petrochemicals, Oil and Gas, Refineries, Power Plant, Construction & Aeronautics projects etc.

M/s Sanjary Aademy has organized various National & International Conferences and Seminars in India & Abroad on Piping Design Course and Engineering etc in the field of Oil and Gas, petrochemicals and power Plant Industries.

Sanjary International Convention Center is build with the infrastructure in accordance with international norms & standards to facilitate and to organize training, national & international conference / seminars and conducting clients interviews ( oversea job requirements ) with our associates etc.

Piping Design Course

Piping Design Course in Hyderabad

Institute of Piping Design Course

Certified Piping Design Engineer

Diploma in Piping Design Course